Charter Helicopter New York

Have you ever hoped for a better way to get across NYC, without pushing your way through the crowded streets, or running to catch your next train? Don't worry, you can charter your very own helicopter to fly across New York! Do business planning on your personal flight without annoying distractions common to commercial flights. Avoid the usual hussle and bussle at the airport and arrive directly at your destination. No more waiting and wasting time!

Or are you looking for a way to spend a special day...maybe an anniversary, a birthday, or a retirement party, or just some time with your friends on the weekend? The most unique and interesting way to see the city and spend a special day: charter helicopter New York.

Check out our variety of chartering packages and helicopter options - you will certainly find a charter to suit your needs. And don't forget your camera - you and your guests can take absolutely amazing pictures from the air over the city - see Central Park from above and admire the skyscrapers "at eye level" for once. Or even charter a flight and pamper yourself - take those pictures you've always been wanting and to take and hang them up around your office! Enjoy a chartered helicopter flight in New York City today!